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grounding and benevolence.

Thai Yoga Massage & Reflexology-Massage 

at Paulsenplatz between Altona, St. Pauli and Sternschanze.

Good for you.

Foot reflexology and Thai yoga massage are deeply relaxing, grounding techniques. On an energetic and physical level, they release blockages that have accumulated over time - they can also relieve tension.

Get back into your own body with a massage. 

When it comes to mental stress, we are often top-heavy. You "stand beside yourself". The feeling of being certain can be experienced through the body. Massages can be a beneficial support to prevent stress symptoms such as sleeping difficulties, tension and headaches:

  • Preventive: for important life events, such as upcoming moves, job change, wedding...

  • Accompanying: after consultation with the attending physicians, e.g. burnout, bereavement

Down to earth.

The space I am opening up to you at Paulsenplatz is simple and furnished as sustainably as possible, with lots of greenery to make you feel good. No sterile chic awaits you here, but a place of grounding where you are warmly welcomed.

The friendly cat Tiffy lives in the adjoining apartment. If you are allergic, please contact me. There is an air purification device in the room that is used when required. Medical masks are also available.

My prices can be individually adjusted - according to your possibilities and my capacities! 

Raum für Tiefgang. 

Der Raum, den ich dir am Paulsenplatz öffne, ist schlicht und so nachhaltig, wie möglich eingerichtet, mit viel Grün zum Wohlfühlen. Hier erwartet dich kein steriles Schickimicki, sondern ein Ort der Erdung, an dem du herzlich willkommen bist.

In der angrenzenden Wohnung lebt die freundliche Katze Tiffy. Bei Allergie sprich mich bitte an. In dem Raum befindet sich ein Luftreinigungsgerät, das bei Bedarf zum Einsatz kommt. Außerdem stehen medizinische Masken zur Verfügung.

Meine Preise sind solidarisch, also individuell anpassbar - gemäß deiner Möglichkeiten und meiner Kapazitäten. Bitte sprich mich bei Bedarf direkt bei der Terminabsprache drauf an.

Mein Angebot

My offer for you

Tiefenentspannung mit Thai Yoga Massage Altona

full body massage Traditional techniques with metta - loving kindness - as the basic principle. More on this...

120 minutes – 120 euros

Four pack price – 400 euros

Dissolve the past, come into the moment. A system reset. More on this...

First session: 60 - 70 minutes - 80 euros

Follow-up appointments: 45 - 60 minutes - 60 euros

Erdung mit Fußreflexzonen Massage Altona
Über mich

Svenja A. Ohlen

Co-Yoga_Svenja_IFY 2020_DSC08861_kl_edited.png
Svenja Ohlen, Gründerin Tiefgang Massage Altona


I have been self-employed with Yoga & Bodywork since 2016. Continuous training and self-awareness characterize my path.

As a business psychologist (Dipl. FH) I am als Partner at Inner Flow Yoga - the largest cross-traditional training company for yoga teachers in German-speaking countries.

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Personally it is faster! If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please call us directly

0176 576365 06

Or leave me a message here.

Appointments by appointment only. I look forward to hearing from you!

Your Svenja

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