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Release blockages with foot reflex zone massage.

Peace begins with each of us taking care of our bodies and minds every day.


Thich Nhat Hanh

What's waiting for you

Feet are our connection to the earth - quite pragmatically, because they carry us. And energetically they "ground" us. Those who have good access to their own feet - feel the connection to the ground or Mother Earth - are calm inside, present in the moment and can think clearly. 

Release blockages and restore the flow of energy.


For many people, treating the feet has an immediate relaxation effect that lasts longer and can have a very positive effect on sleep, for example, that same evening.

This effect can be used to accompany chronic or acute symptoms (e.g. migraines or colds). The foot reflex zone massage relaxes the whole system and can thus have a positive influence on recovery.

What are reflex zones?

"Reflex" in this case comes from "to reflect". The zones in the foot reflect the flow of energy from assigned target organs. With too much or too little energy, these zones are painful. Painful zones can be an indication of current problems in the body (e.g. neck tension, an imminent cold) or past issues that the body still remembers (e.g. earlier migraine attacks, cured gallstones). Once the energy is flowing, the pain in the reflex zone goes away.

Erdung durch Fußreflexzonen Massage Altona

your appointment

For your own well-being: If possible, please come with washed feet and fresh socks. 

Dates: by arrangement

Paulsenplatz 3, Altona.

Our first appointment: 60-70 minutes for anamnesis and treatment + 10 minutes of rest afterwards 

Follow-up appointments: usually 50-60. Minutes of targeted treatment + 10 minutes of rest afterwards lying down

First anamnesis: 80 euros

Follow-up appointments: 60 euros

Please note

Limited treatment options: 

  • In the case of small wounds (e.g. superficial scratches) or localized illnesses (e.g. slight nail fungus infection, nail bed inflammation), a massage around it may be possible. We can discuss possibilities.


  • Treatment is not possible for open wounds, eczema, muscle, tendon or bone injuries on the foot.

  • Other methods such as Thai yoga massage or osteopathy can be used to treat tension in the extremities (including shoulders, arms, hands, hips and legs). 

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Let's have a quick phone call about what your concern is. We will find an appointment as soon as possible:

0176 576 365 06

Or leave me a message with your appointment requests:

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